Hives Home Remedies

Want to Manage Your Hives at Home?

Here are three at home remedies for hives!Hives Relief, Hives Remedy, Hives Treatment

1. Cold

  • Shower in cold water or press a cold compress against your skin. Your blood vessels will shrink under the cold, and the histamines won’t be released as easily. Histamines are a protein that is released during an allergic reaction which can cause allergy hives. If you can stop the histamines from releasing, you can stop a lot of the hives symptoms.

2.  Baking Soda

  • Put a cup of it into your warm bath. Stay in the tub for at least twenty minutes so that the baking soda can work its magic.

3.  Apple Cider Vinegar

  • That stuff just cures everything, doesn’t it? Throw two cups of it into your warm bath and again stay in the tub for about twenty minutes.

The above three remedies help manage the symptoms of hives, but remember, hives are typically caused by something, so your best bet is to prevent them in the first place. To do that, you need to figure out the cause.

How to Prevent Hives

If you have stress related hives, practice yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and other techniques proven to lower stress levels. Make sure you are exercising and eating healthy too because these two things can have a major impact on your stress levels.

If your hives are allergy related, find out what it is you’re allergic to and avoid those items. I didn’t realize I was allergic to pine trees until the first year I bought a real Christmas tree. I won’t be doing that again! If you’re not sure what you’re allergic to, you can visit an allergist. They can test you for various allergens that might be causing your hives.

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